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  1. List products from Amazon onto eBay (with a profit margin)
  2. Customers buy products from you via eBay (pay you via PayPal)
  3. Ship products directly from Amazon to your customers (take profit!)

What do we do?

Help you list items

Cut down the time it takes to list an Amazon item onto eBay from 10-15 minutes to 2-3 minutes.

Update prices for you

Prices on Amazon can change frequently. To maximise profits and avoid selling at a loss, you NEED to use a tool.

Provide tools

Use our simple and easy to use site without the need for going to Amazon, eBay or checking your email.

Does this really work?

Yes! We built this website for ourselves, now you can use it too.
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Core features of dshipr

Quick and easy eBay listings

It's a two step process to get a listing's details from Amazon and post it on eBay. Use profit, shipping and other defaults from your user settings.

Automated price and stock updates

Price and stock on Amazon fluctuate frequently. Avoid common issues such as selling at a loss, listing items at prices that are now too high and listing items that have gone out of stock.

Sales and status reports

View how many sales you've made each month, compared to previous months.

Awesome features

Enjoy full dropshipping support, from start to finish

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Discover dropshipping

Learn what dropshipping is, how to do it and how we can help you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.

List an item

Create a listing

We find and pull in photographs, title and description (all that the Amazon API allows). This means that you don't need to copy and paste text, or upload photographs.

You can also re-order the position of the photographs and delete any which you don't want listed.

Post the listing onto eBay

Most of the time, you will want to use the same settings for price markup, dispatch time, postage cost, etc. So set these values in your user settings and change them per item when required.

Whilst listed on eBay

Automated price changes

Every hour, we monitor the price of items on Amazon and adjust them accordingly on your eBay shop when they change up or down. We do this in-line with your preferences (profit margin and minimum and maximum price settings).

Automated stock availability

Every hour, we monitor whether the product is in or out of stock on Amazon and adjust accordingly on your eBay shop.

When sold

View all sold items

All eBay sales are listed in one place, along with links to the source product on Amazon.

Dispatch items to customers

Buyer's names and addresses are displayed, along with each sold item. All required information is stored in one place.

Update tracking number and courier

Update the tracking number and tracking courier from this website - no need to log onto eBay.

Provide positve feedback

The buyer is automatically given postive feedack as soon as you mark the item as being dispatched.

Profit and sales reports

View profit and sales reports

View sales and profit by current month, previous months and month by month comparison.

dshipr Team

Kevin Richardson

Co-Founder and Developer

Paul Richardson

Co-Founder and Developer

Rebecca Kemp

Product Testing and Support

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