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Overview of Features

All of these features are included in all plans.

Listing an Item

Create a listing We get the photographs, title, description and some other things (all that the Amazon API allows) from the Amazon listing
Post a listing onto eBay Quickly post the listing with with a price, dispatch time, delivery time and postage cost, using values set in your profile

Whilst on Sale

Monitor and adjust pricing Hourly monitoring of product prices on Amazon, with automated updates your eBay store, in line with your preferences
Monitor the stock availability Hourly monitoring of product availability on Amazon, with automated updates your eBay store

When Sold

List all sold items in a central place Displayed on here for easy, efficient management
List sold item's Amazon source links in a central place Displayed on here for easy, efficient management
List buyers names and addresses in a central place Displayed on here for easy, efficient management
Update the tracking number and tracking courier Done here for easy, efficient management
Provide the buyer with positive feedback Automatically done for you, as soon as you mark an item as dispatched
Display sales records Current month, previous months and month by month comparison

The features explained...

Here's some info on the main features.

Connect Your Store, Sell More Stuff

By linking this site to your eBay store, you get to utilise a number of powerful listing and reporting features.

List items quickly, have your stock fully automated (stock levels and price increases/decreases), financial reporting and more.

Easy to Use, No Training Required

It's a two step process to pull data from Amazon and then create the eBay listing.

You copy and paste the Amazon website address for the product that you want to sell, then we'll get the title, description and photographs for you. You can then edit the information and re-order the photos (all from this website), before posting the listing onto eBay.

We store default values in your user settings page, so you don't have to enter them for each listing - this also keeps the data entry pages clean, uncluttered and faster to go through.

Help and information is easily accessible on every page, so you will know what to do at each stage (as well as any prerequisites and actions that need to be taken afterwards).

The process couldn't be quicker or easier!

Fully Automated Monitoring and Updating of Product Stock and Prices

With our 'set and forget' technology, we continuously check and update the price and stock availability of the items that you've sourced from Amazon every hour. We then automatically update your eBay listings as appropriate.

If items become out of stock on Amazon, we'll update the listing on your eBay store to show that it is currently out of stock. Then when the items comes back in stock on Amazon, we'll update your eBay listing with stock.

If the price of an item goes up or down on Amazon, we will update your listing on eBay with same variation (in line with the required profit setting specified in your user settings). This means that you will never sell an item at a loss (as a result of its price going up) and will remain competitive (within the profit margin you specify) if it goes down in price.

All of this helps to ensure that your eBay rating won't be reduced due to you having to cancel orders as a result of stock or pricing issues.

Manage Your Sales Process - All From One Place

To maximise the control and efficiency of the sales process, we centralise the sales information and the required eBay related tasks. This means that you don't need to visit eBay or review e-mails to get the information you need, or to perform the required eBay actions.

All eBay sales are listed on one page of this website, along with links to the source product on Amazon, the buyer names and their addresses. Using these details as an easy reference, you can purchase the item from Amazon on behalf of the buyer.

Once purchased, you can mark the item as 'dispatched' on this site. Once this is done, we automatically provide positive feedback to the buyer on eBay. This saves you time.

Then, you can supply the tracking and courier details.

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Profit and Sales Reports

No need to manually record your sales and work out your profits - we do it all for you. We show your income after eBay and PayPal comission.

View these reports from anywhere - desktop, tablet and phone.

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